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The Boston Bar Foundation’s Junior Fellows Society is a special charitable giving initiative involving lawyers within the first ten years of their careers, who are committed to supporting the BBF’s work and making a difference in the lives of those in our community.

With an annual gift of $250 per year for 4 years, Junior Fellows Society members establish themselves as true leaders of the Boston legal community. Their generosity ensures that the BBF will always be there to expand access to legal help for individuals and families with nowhere to turn, provide educational and career opportunities for young people and engage lawyers in projects to help those in need.

Thousands of individuals and families depend on the programs supported by the Boston Bar Foundation. In order to sustain this support, we depend on a foundation of dedicated and compassionate supporters. Through your pledge, you will not only keep this vital work moving forward, you will also inspire others to join us and help other in their greatest times of need.

Our Members

Erin & Jonathan Anderman
Jennifer Andrade
Azure Aronsson
Elizabeth Barrett
Gerrit Betz
Michael C. Birch & Elizabeth J. McEvoy
Jesse M. Boodoo
Brian J. Boyle, Jr.
William B. Brady
Kimberly Butler Rainen
Matthew P. Cardosi
Patrick Cento
Jared B. Cohen
Stephany G. Collamore
Bryan S. Conley
Melanie A. Conroy
Tobias Crawford
Emily J. Derr
Julia Devanthéry
Atinuke O. Diver
William J. Durkin
Shane P. Early

Albert Elia
Matthew P. Fitzsimmons
Benjamin K. Golden
Christopher E. Hart
Sean E. Jackowitz
Valerie K. Jackson & Joshua Nadreau
Miche Jean
Hannah Joseph
Redi Kasollja
Elizabeth A. Kayatta
Dan Krockmalnic
Michael J. Licker
David W. & Jessica Schauer Lieberman
Neil T. Lindquist
Juan S. Lopez
Crystal & Daniel Lyons
David Lyons
Kyle MacDonald
Lauren N. Martin
John A. McBrine
Matthew L. McGinnis
Julia M. McLetchie

Jennifer L. Mikels
Paul D. Momnie
Michael C. Moran
Wyckoff Nissenbaum
Steven J. Pacini
Rachel Irving Pitts
Marisa K. Roman
Christopher T. Saccardi
Jordan Scott
Christopher M. Shea & Sarah W. Walsh
Jared L. Shwartz
Caroline K Simons
Monica Snyder
Christopher Somma
Angelo Thalassinos
Alexis Theriault
Marissa R. Urban
Adam M. Veness
Daniel V. Ward
Kathryn E. Wilhelm
Matthew M. Yospin
Cole M. Young
Mark E. Zglobicki

Join Us Today

Each pledge is a permanent gift to the Boston Bar Foundation endowment, providing a lasting and stable base of support for our work as we expand opportunities for Boston’s youth, provide critical assistance for those in need, and create a brighter future for our city.

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